I’m discovering that I really enjoy drawing creatures (you know, more than just horses.) And I think rodents are adorable.



summer plants

I haven’t played with the Rebel very much this summer. I feel like time is going far too quickly, plus there have been a lot of changes and life is always so busy.

It’s funny, though, because my deck garden is doing better than ever before. Not that there is a lot of food growing on it this year–just a few herbs and my jalapenos. But all the plants are so happy this year. Purple basil from the grocery store turned into an absolute bush. Silvermound and purple salvia have taken over my problematic half whiskey barrel planter (problematic because it filled with water routinely).

Last winter my rosemary wintered over in the guest room, and it’s still a bush. Plus the little planter I arranged last year is doing well. Except for the succulent in it which my squirrels ate. Yeah….I don’t know why they did that. They’ve left the jalapenos alone this year, though. Small mercies.