The Dragon and the Raven

Last springĀ I decided I wanted to get a lizard. First there was research (best lizard: The Bearded Dragon). Then there was building (nothing pre-made fits in the space I have for a tank). Then there was custom ordering glass (for sliding glass doors…which I still haven’t installed). Then one of the breeders I follow posted this beautiful little male for sale right before Christmas and I bought him.

There was a bit of a mad scramble to get in crickets, the right leafy greens (since he really shouldn’t eat spinach, which is the primary green we always have around) and a 10 gal tank to go inside my big enclosure (little guys like a smaller space for security reasons), and here he is. These pictures are a little old already, but my, he’s so cute!

He’ll get bigger, probably 10-12 inches. But for now he’s just a little tyke.

It’s a happy accident that now I can post silly things with my favorite G A Henty book title for a caption.