this is us

Throw back to some snapshots from Summer. I’m having a hard time quantifying our progress this year, maybe partly due to not going to a horse show and falling off, like I usually do as a report card.

Probably our biggest thing is that we haven’t used a bit since March–and wouldn’t you know, he puts his head in the bridle now. He was mostly alright to bridle before–oddly better at taking the bit for the people who always rode with one. I often rode him in just a halter, and he was pretty consistently refusing (at first) to take the bit for me. I guess he was trying to tell me something, and figured might actually listen. And it did work, he has a bitless bridle now, and he really doesn’t abuse it. He’s a lot happier. Granted, I also haven’t asked him to do dressage in it. Not really.

He’s also surprisingly good in a neck rein. Trot is still iffy, but walk is getting impressive.

Bees in the grass put a damper on our jumping practice. I was hoping to get back to jumping practice, but every time we entered the grassy area with jumps we’d come out with a persistent yellow jacket on our tail. Not cool. But he’s pretty happy most of the time, and downright cuddly, and very, very good with children under foot.

Thinking about Snow

I was going through old winter pictures, and found a few treasured shots of snow.  I slowed down on photography last year, and I want to pick it back up again.

It might seem a little strange, but if you’re thinking about selling your house (or buying one!) now is a great time to get the ball rolling. Even with the holidays bearing down on us, and thoughts of snow flitting around like Christmas carols. The spring market really starts up in the dead of winter, and only picks up steam as it goes.

Contact me if you’re interested in buying or selling, we’ll talk shop.


I never know when a new horse is going to show up at the barn. Stryker turned up a couple months ago, unexpected by everyone, but fits right in.

Story goes, our barn manager had been planning for a long while to get a thoroughbred to race, got one all picked out, picked up, and then the barn he had fell through. So, Stryker came to live with us. Now, the new addition to the barn is finished, and he’s got a nice huge stall to  grow into. He’s just 18 months in the first picture, and such a cute baby.

He’s already growing and filling out. He’s got a really good head on his shoulders, takes everything in stride, and is more excited to see someone coming with his halter than he is to see them coming with treats.

I can’t wait to see how his life goes.