Psychology of Clothing

This article in the Atlantic (linked here) about the psychology of clothes, and how they make us feel, made me laugh. Not because I think it’s ridiculous, but because women have known this for years.

It’s an oft used joke that the first step a woman takes in a new endeavor is buying clothes for the occasion. Power suits, cute work out clothes, stilettos that make you feel in control (or, if you’re like me, like you’re going to die). There is something real there.

How often do people comment “I feel so official” because you handed them the team t-shirt or button, or whatever?


“Once you start feeling better, you’re gonna dress the way you feel,” Rudnicki says. “Your clothes represent your inner motivation and feelings. It’s a feedback loop—I feel good, so I’m going to wear the things that make me look good.”


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