Iliad House

Every afternoon, when I was a kid, I would turn on the radio at 3pm (sometimes earlier, depending on what novel was being read aloud on the 2:30 program) and spend the afternoon listening to stories. Some of them were books read aloud or dramatized (Sugar Creek Gang, some program  that started “If I could paint a picture”) others were original. I also loved listening to Adventures in Odyssey, an original show produced by Focus on the Family. I generally preferred stories to music–though I love music, too, now, I still love a good story.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that I jumped at an opportunity to work with one of the creators of Adventures in Odyssey on a new original audio drama, and it has now been released! It’s called Iliad House, and it’s about a boy who lives with his uncle on an island off the coast of VA. Oh. And time travel.

Believe it or not, audio dramas are great for kids. Audio dramas engage the imagination–even today’s kids, who are accustomed to video. You can listen while you color, play with blocks, or fold laundry (you know, depending on who you are) and you don’t have to worry about keeping one eye on the screen. Plus, all those articles about screens being bad for you? Not a factor here.  Car ride bonus: No car sickness from watching a video in the car (or is that just me?).

Anyway, give it a try! You  can listen to the first episode for free on our site  and if you like it, you can purchase the rest of the series on itunes, Amazon, or our site.



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