On bios

Considering that I have blogged for years, and blogs are all about one’s own self, writing a bio should be easy, right? Right?

Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice! When asked to tell “a little about myself” I instantly forget everything I have ever done or accomplished. I’m starting out as a real estate agent, and at our first firm meeting we went around and introduced ourselves. I don’t know why I didn’t think that would be a part of the meeting, I could have prepared a statement (which I would have forgotten half of, but still).

I gave perhaps the shortest summation of my other passions, which completely did not convey the passion or degree of investment I have in them:

The epic web serial I’ve been publishing for almost three years? “I like to write, and I write fiction.”

The store I started last November selling my art? “I draw and paint, too.”

My lifelong passion for riding and training horses on the side? “I also ride horses.”

Yeah. Opportunity missed.

But perhaps, like the spiel I have developed for my day job, I can develop and memorize a spiel for my passions. Something to turn to when my mind goes blank.

Something more like this:

“I write an epic web serial that releases new episodes on Mondays. Eventually I will edit the series and publish it as a book. I also paint, and sell my art as prints and other products online. In addition, I have been riding horses since I was a kid, and hope to ride and train more in the coming years.”

That’s a better start, anyway.

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